Carolyn is a loving and caring person that we feel fortunate to have met! She was very patient and understanding with me since I had been patiently house searching with her for 5 years and my fiancé and I finally found our dream forever home!
A few months after closing she came to do a house blessing ceremony. I'm an open minded person and have heard of and experienced different mystical/spiritual/energetic practices. I however didn't know what to expect from her work. My fiancé and I were blown away and in awe and excitement with the process and results!
We walked around with Carolyn using two separate sets of dowsing rods that both Carolyn had and we held one of them. Both pairs of rods simultaneously picked up the same energetic positivity or stifled response by the rods in hundreds of areas throughout the home. For anyone skeptical, this was quite an apparent way to see first hand what was taking place!
She then did a blessing/ceremony for the house and the surrounding property. After the ceremony and to this day, months later, we are in gratitude for the dramatically enhanced peace and wonderful energy in our home. We have had many guests actually comment on how good things feel. Carolyn helped us rid any stagnation and negative energies and create space for excellent flow and positivity. She even revealed some messages from spirit during and after the ceremony that were quite helpful. Highly recommend her work and process. Many thanks Carolyn!


We were experiencing some activity in our home, built in the early 1800's. We also have a barn, built in the 1930's. We reached out to Carolyn and scheduled a visit. Carolyn clearly did her research on the properties. She arrived early, came prepared and is clearly passionate about what she does. She explained every step, walking us through each room, noting any activity she was picking up. After the cleansing, we felt a lightness, especially in the house. We have not experienced any more activity since her visit. Carolyn also took the time to follow up with us to see how things were going and provided additional information on feng shui. She is very caring and would be our first choice in recommending a blessing or cleansing for your property.


The day I called Carolyn I was desperate. I had an unexpected death in my home recently and strange things were going on not to mention the uneasy chaotic energy. She was recommended by a friend who had some connection with her through real estate as she is also a successful Realtor. My friend did not personally know her but had heard she was also a healer and could "read houses" and more recently became internationally certified to clear homes. Immediately I felt comforted just from the phone call which she advised me to take time to grieve, and let her know when I was ready. Within a month she came to my home. It was amazing to watch her with her instruments, incense, meditations and prayers. She also relayed information which she could have never known, and even surprised her! I know this will seem unbelievable or make believe to some, but when you live and experience it you know better. The energy, peace and harmony in my home is very good now. Much healing was done. Her passion, love dedication and gift was a blessing to me and I am very grateful..


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