House Whisperer Carolyn Fish is one of only 9 certified House Whisperers Globally

This Involves the study of energy of space, earth, atmospheric, and esoteric energy and their relationships with people, buildings and land.

We use techniques and concepts of Geomancy, Feng Shui, Quantum physics, sacred geometry, and more. In basic terms, this certification process, along with decades of working with homeowners and buyers, Carolyn offers her skills, experience, and intuition to help people clear, balance, invigorate and heal space to create a more harmonious and nurturing atmosphere.

She's been involved with thousands of transactions with people making pivotal transitions in their life as a successful and top producing Realtor for decades. Often people would ask for assistance to perform sacred ritual, blessing or have help neutralizing negative or uncomfortable energy in a home, yet this service seemed elusive.

It was common that a client's only explanation to their unease with a home was that "it just didn't feel right"... otherwise it was the perfect home. Why did it not "feel right"?

Carolyn, intuitively, could read the energy in a home, often connecting to the feelings the client would have, yet able to provide additional insight to the home's "story."

Now, Carolyn not only can provide this service, but has a resource available of 8 gifted, talented and experienced healers and/or consultants; some of renowned international talent for her support and assistance. It may be for cultural customs, or to clear the energy left from the former occupants, or just improve the homes Chi, flow, and space. Occasionally, subtle residue left lingering from past occupants can resonate to the new residents and influence the experience or feeling they have in their home.

What would it say if it could talk? What is it that makes you feel connected, or not connected to your home? What would you like to improve? Is your energy, heart, and soul in harmony with your home?

How is the flow, Chi and Feng Shui of your home? Did your home find you, or did you find your home? Various forms of energy healing and assistance have been accepted and practiced from the beginning of time.

It is exciting to now have the tools, techniques, education, resources and process to provide a long overdue service to help people live in their home more harmoniously.