Give Your Home a Physical

Maybe your home could use a check up on other, more physical aspects of your home which can also be effecting your health or experience. Don't wait until you sell and wait for the buyer to give your home a check up, shouldn't you know about water, radon, mold, or other potential safety or health issues? What about the boundary lines? Do you feel confident they are correct and if a new buyer does a mortgage inspection they won't find any encroachments? What about the title? Is there an unrecorded mortgage discharge, or a recorded lien made in error? Did you have title work done if so how long ago? Is it time for a check up?

While we are not certified inspectors, we are involved with over 100 transactions a year involving sales transactions and inspections. Very often sellers tell us they wish they had known or had some, or most of things done previously, opposed to issues popping up during a sales transaction. We have a reputable, experienced, honest, and knowledgeable list of service providers for:

  • Radon
  • Water
  • Mold
  • Building inspection
  • Septic inspection
  • Title
  • Survey/ or boundary line assessment

House Whisperers takes care of the esoteric, psychosomatic, psycho electromagnetic, and spiritual energy, but we have other experts that take care of the rest.. Give us a call and we are happy to extend the approved contact list of service providers nearest you.