Make Your New Space "Your" Place And Clear Out The Old Energy

Clear past energy before moving into a new space

If you'd like to bring a sense of balance and revitalized wellness into your home, House Whisperers clears, blesses, refreshes and re-attunes the space. We use feng shui, sacred geometry, sacred incense, special instruments, (and more) to help you improve your home's energy to be in alignment with you.

Breathe new energy into your home

Breathe new energy into your home

After moving into a new home or going through a serious life change, many people experience a spiritual reset. If you'd like to set a new spiritual intention for your home, Maine House Whisperers can help. We perform home blessing rituals in Maine and beyond to where request take us..

Many clients request blessing rituals as a way to:

  • Invite new spiritual energy into their house
  • Remove energy left from previous home occupants
  • Connect their personal intentions to their living spaces

If you'd like to create a positive and welcoming home energy, we can help. Call 207-478-7504 today to schedule a home blessing ritual.