Get Rid of Negative Energy

Cleanse, revitalize, bless or heal your space for better peace and harmony

Your home should be your refuge. When you walk through your front door, you should feel completely at peace and in harmony with your space. Negative energy might be stopping you from feeling comfortable in your home. After an energy assessment, using instruments and/or equipment and other skills and resources, we will apply the best solution using fengshui, sacred incense, symbols and sacred sounds and more.

If you'd like to cleanse the energy or your home give House Whisperers a call to schedule an appointment.

Improve your home's spiritual energy

Improve your home's spiritual energy

Not sure if spiritual home cleansing is right for you? Many families choose to cleanse their home as a way to:

  • Break up negative or past residue energy
  • Improve their home's flow and chi
  • Feel safer and more comfortable at home

We use incense for cleansing your living spaces and can also help you reset, or re-attune the home with your energy to harmonize and balance the overall atmosphere and experience . If you'd like to strengthen your connection to your home, give House Whisperers a Call 207-478-7504 today to schedule a home cleansing and attunement.